Witches Burr


 Witches Burr are used for protection and often kept on your altar to keep everything safe. The beautiful thing about them is that the spines are used to protect the seeds inside just like the spines can be used in hoodoo protection conjure as well. Sometimes found in Hoodoo Bottle spells. You will receive Six Witches Burrs.



Wormwood is burned to gain protection from wandering spirits. Used in divinatory and clairvoyance incenses, initiation rites and tests of courage. Enables the dead to be released from this plane so they may find peace. Carry in your car for protection. Use for protection from the evil eye. Used in mixes for love spells. Help to stop anger and violence.  You will...



Yarrow is used for divination, love spells and spells for contacting or seeking out a specific person.   Yarrow can be used for love, courage, communication and psychic abilities. You will receive 1 ounce in a clear sealed bag.

Yellow Dock Root


Yellow Dock is a very lucky herb. It can draw in money, success, business, and sometimes even love. This herb is great for any business owner, or for anyone embarking on a new business venture. Yellow Dock may be used to clear blockages and cut binding ties that prevent one from moving on. It can help eliminate emotional waste that...