Money Drawing Rice


Money Drawing Rice is created with essential oils and money charms. You will receive 2-ounce bag of this rice.

Mojo Beans (St. Joseph Beans)


Known as Saint Joseph Beans, African Wishing Beans, and most commonly as Fava Beans, most Catholic Italians and Sicilians, would place these beans upon the altar on Saint Joseph`s feast day. In Hoodoo tradition, it is used to grant wishes. They are carried for seven days (flannel bag, purse or in your pocket) as you make your wish, and on the...

Buckeye / Horse Chestnut


Buckeye aka Horse ChestnutPowers: Divination Good luck Attracting money & wealth Carried whole anointed with money oil and/or wrapped in a dollar bill for constant increase in money flow. A popular Hoodoo charm for gamblers. You will receive 1 buckeye in a clear sealed plastic bag.

Lodestones (small) about 1/2 inch long piece


Lodestones (small) about 1/2 inch long pieces.  Lodestones are naturally magnetized pieces of iron ore (also called magnetite). These powerful curios are used to draw positive influences including love, money, people, business, etc. You will receive one small lodestone (1/2 in.) in a clear sealed bag. Small Lodestone Uses: Draw positive influences for love, luck, & money Use in Mojo...

Florida Water


Florida Water is valued as a multipurpose Eau de cologne-turned spiritual water. Florida Water is used in spiritual cleansing and home protection. It can be worn on the body, used as an ingredient in magical works or by itself as a cologne, put in the bath water (eau de toilette).  In fact, there are so many ways Florida Water can be...

Tips or Donations


Tips or Donations Many of our clients have asked for a way to offer tips/donations. They are a great way to bring blessings to you and your family. Also, Spirits view this as a sacrifice, but also as giving thanks.  All tips/donations are offered, in your honor, to our altars during daily working.  All monetary donations are placed in a fund to help assist...

Tonka Beans


Tonka Beans

Special Oil #20


Our Special #20 oil is made to a traditional recipe and is used to as strong all-around positive blessings, anointing and dressing of candles, adding to charms and also feeding mojo bags. Sprinkle around your home or business, on voodoo dolls and poppets or amulets and charms.

Magnetic Sand


Magnetic sand is for feeding Lodestones, dressing candles, or for use in mojo bag. You will receive 1 ounce in a clear sealed bag.

Job's Tears


 Job's Tears are the pearly seeds of an Asiatic grass. Their name refers to Job in the Bible, who was sorely afflicted but never lost his faith. Job was rewarded by God for his patience, and many people believe that with faith they too will get over and that these JOB’S TEARS have the power to help them. Job’s Tears...

Cowrie Shells (13 shells)


Cowrie Shells are used in money spells, to symbolize female genitalia, and for divination. You will 13 Cowrie Shells in a clear sealed bag.

Magnolia Pods


Magnolia Pods are wonderful hoodoo talisman. Hang it above the front door of your home to bring peace, protection, and harmony.  This is the seed pod that arrives after the Magnolia tree is finished blooming. They are believed to be a feminine plant and possess the attributes of strength and luck as well.  You will receive one Magnolia Pod.

Witches Burr


 Witches Burr are used for protection and often kept on your altar to keep everything safe. The beautiful thing about them is that the spines are used to protect the seeds inside just like the spines can be used in hoodoo protection conjure as well. Sometimes found in Hoodoo Bottle spells. You will receive Six Witches Burrs.

Red Brick Dust


Red Brick Dust Used to make a protection scrub for your home, can be added to a protection oil to give it more strength. Other uses, gambling luck, making a money business scrub, usually used to protect the home by lining the thresholds of your home. You will receive 1 Ounce

Rose of Jericho


Rose of Jericho plant aka Resurrection Plant is known for its magic and ability to come back to life. When it’s dormant it looks like a brown, dried up ball of twigs and tumbleweed. When placed in water it slowly begins to open and turn green in color. What was once brown and dry is now green and moist. Pretty amazing to...

Orange Blossom Water


Orange Blossom Water is for women bathe with to entice a man to marry, and witches set it out in altar bowls in honor of Hera and Juno, the ancient Goddesses of marriage, fidelity, and sacred union.    Orange Blossom Water may be added to the water used for rituals of foot-bathing, and it is a beautiful altar offering to any spirits,...

Galangal Root aka "Chewing John" or Little John


Galangal Root aka "Chewing John" or Little John  is widely believed to be a Lucky Court Case root. Many people must have this root when they must deal with court case and legal matters. If a person chews a bit of Little John and spits the juice onto the floor of the court room or any other place where one must deal with the...

Devil Pod aka Bat Nut


Devil Pod aka Bat Nut are used to ward off evil and can be placed above the doorway, facing outward as an apotropaic guardian, much in the manner of ancient Tibetan door demons. Likewise, it makes a splendid inclusion in mojo bags of the types commonly known as "Jinx Breaker," "Keep Away Enemies," or "Run Devil Run."     You will receive 1 devil pod in a...

Camphor Blocks


Place a block of camphor in a bowl of water and keep it underneath your bed to spiritually cleanse your home. You may also grate the camphor block and burn it on top of charcoal to clean out your house. ***For external use only. Not a food product. Dangerous or Fatal if Swallowed. If swallowed seek medical attention immediately. Not...

Alligator's Foot


Alligator's Foot is used as a curio for gambling luck. It is perceived that the alligator's foot is usually doing a grasping motion to draw in good luck to you, especially in games of chance (lottery, keno, card games, etc...) You can anoint your Alligator Foot with Louisana Van Van Oil and recite Psalms 23 over it and focus on your intentions...

Pyrite Chips


Pyrite Chips

Porcupine Quills


Porcupine Quills are great for using to inscribe on candles for your candle magick. As well they are great for using in any protection ritual due to their nature of protecting the porcupine from predators.  These are the extraordinary quills of the Crested Porcupine, the only porcupine found on the African continent. Its quills are thicker, longer, and stronger than its North...

Licorice Root Sticks


Licorice Root Sticks  You will receive 4 sticks in a clear sealed bag.

Chicken Foot


Chicken Feet are often used to help scratch away negativity, crossed up conditions, remove curses, and jinxes. They are also often used as a protection charm. You can keep them on your altar. We keep them on our shrine to Marie Laveau. You can also hang it up like you would an evil eye amulet for protection in your home. ...

Adam and Eve Root


Adam & Eve Root are fantastic in marriage and relationship magic.  Today they are no longer orchid roots but are a combination of lotus and balsam bud. These two are very symbolic of male and female anatomy.   Adam & Eve Root are used by both men and women to draw a potential spouse by reciting Genesis 2:18; "And Adam gave names to all cattle,...

High John the Conqueror Root (Small)


High John the Conqueror Root (Small) Powers: Protection Good luck Attracting women Achieving goals Keep it in your business anointed with money drawing oil or better business oil to keep sales coming in.   To attract a woman to you can dress your High John root with Come to Me Oil or for just a good time dress it with Come...

High John the Conqueror Root (Medium)


High John the Conqueror Root (Medium) Powers: Protection Good luck Attracting women Achieving goals Keep it in your business anointed with money drawing oil or better business oil to keep sales coming in.   To attract a woman to you can dress your High John root with Come to Me Oil or for just a good time dress it with Come...

High John the Conqueror Root (Large)


High John the Conqueror Root (Large) Powers: Protection Good luck Attracting women Achieving goals Keep it in your business anointed with money drawing oil or better business oil to keep sales coming in.   To attract a woman to you can dress your High John root with Come to Me Oil or for just a good time dress it with Come...

Racoon Baculum


Racoon Baculum aka Coon Dong Bone, Love Bone, Racoon Penis Bone, Mountain Man Toothpick and the list keeps growing... This is a large specimen and definitely great quality bone. They are uses in love workings and can be used several ways especially as an amulet, charm, or just own its own. We have seen them several different ways but the...

Peace Water


Peace Water is used to promote a peaceful environment and good spirits. Place a bottle of Peace Water in the main living areas of your home. Such as the living room, bedrooms, etc. or any room where you spend a lot of your time.Peace Water is used in household blessings and cleansing. You can sprinkle drops of Peace Water at...

Dirt Dauber Nests


These "pipe" nests are built by a little dark brown to black wasp by collecting mud and then building tubes for laying its eggs, one egg per pipe. Spiders and other small bugs are paralyzed and sealed inside the pipes for the larvae to feed on when it hatches.    In folk magic, these nests are used whole, broken, or...

Chinese Wash


Chinese Wash is a powerful and commonly used blend to eradicate negative energy, undo any kind of harmful trick that has been laid in the house, or as a general "good influence" inviting floor wash. Use this when you feel negative influences in the home and want to purge it of negativity and invite in prosperity, positive influences and benevolent...

Chicken Foot Protection Amulet


Chicken foot Protection Amulet is perfect to protect your home, car, or wherever you need a shield of protection. These chicken feet are prepared from start to finish. We charge them and ask our spirits to bless them through each step of the process. A bat nut/devil pod is also charged in the same manner as we create this amulet...

Cascarilla Cup


Cascarilla or White Eggshell Powder is a potent cleanser and protective agent. Cascarilla can be used on the body, dissolved into water to create a liquid bath & floor cleanser and is also used for drawing circles or for marking magical symbols on walls or floors.

Railroad Spike (dressed and blessed)


Railroad Spike7" long genuine old-time rusty Railroad Spike, use four of them for nailing down the corner of your property or home for protection and to keep you from being moved out.  Each spike has been properly blessed, dressed and is ready to go. Each spike is HOT and READY to go. You will receive 1 spike.

Kananga Water


Kananga Water is a cologne used for spiritual services, purification, and memorials to the dead. Also fantastic to put out in a small bowl for the ancestors on their altar.    

Florida Water (Murray & Lanman)

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Florida Water has been in existence since the 1800’s,  known for its refreshing citrus scent and strong cleansing properties. Its been known as “the most popular perfume in the world," Named after the legendary Fountain of Youth. With a base ingredient of alcohol, it contains a blend of dissolved essential oils, including lemon oil, orange oil and lavender oil. Said to cure headaches, fevers and...

Alligator Tooth


An Alligator tooth is often carried as a lucky curio. We believe that this is especially true of those who wish to use the tooth of this fearsome reptile to draw Good Luck in Money Matters and especially to Bring in the Winnings at Games of Chance such as cards, slots, keno, the racetrack, the lottery, and bingo. The Alligator tooth is often anointed with Louisiana Van Van Oil. Those who do this tell us...