Victory Oil


Victory Oil is the perfect oil when you HAVE to come out on top and want to make sure that you do not leave it to chance. This oil is for when you have to have victory over your enemy or rival. Victory Oil can be added to any working that you are doing especially for court case.

Virgo Oil


Virgo Oil is used in dressing candles to represent people born in this sign, to dress any sort of conjure candles whose petitions are appropriate to the astrological sign thus named, or to be worn as personal scents during the months associated with those signs in order to strengthen connections to the energies represented by the signs of the zodiac. Some...

Wealthy Way Oil


Wealthy Way Oil is used in rituals geared towards drawing in a luxurious lifestyle, abundance, and prosperity. It's the type of oil that can be used in a variety of rituals pertaining to one's financial well-being.  If you dream of champagne and caviar then this is the oil for you.  Wealthy Way Oil Uses: Attract Money, Gifts, and Opportunities Increase...