Powders, aka blowing or sprinkling powders, have been used as a spiritual tool for many years. These fragrant powders are used to ward off evil, bring luck and prosperity and enhance love relationships.  

Powders can be used in a variety of ways. The method of use can depend on who the magical effects are intended for. When using the powders to affect one’s own circumstances, they are often worn in a mojo bag.  

Blowing the powder towards the four directions is another way to invoke their magic. They can also be sprinkled on candles or around your home.  

The oldest tradition of using powder involves walking backward as you sprinkle the powder. Choose a location you know the intended person will walk through and lightly spread the magic powder back and forth as you walk backward. You may choose to recite a prayer or psalm as you walk to help increase the potency of your ritual.

Crown of Success Powder


Whatever you are working with that needs that added boost, whether it's business or money related, seeking employment, dealing with the law/court, taking your midterms and finals, the list goes on and on, it can help. Crown of Success promotes your personal power and clears out negative influences to help create an atmosphere favorable to your success. Crown of Success...

Come and See Me Powder


Come and See Me Powder is a sexier version of Come to Me Powder. This is definitely for when you are in the mood and you are wanting someone special to come and see you.  Sultry, sexy and spicy, this is the perfect oil to manifest a little tryst. Come and See Me USES: To get that special someone to come to see...

Enchantment Powder


Enchantment Powder is for when you want others to see you in a different way than what they currently see. Think of glamour magick at its finest. This creates an alluring air about yourself that is undeniable. You can use this powder in several different ways the most common is to dress an item and give to your intended person you...

Law Stay Away Powder


Law Stay Away Powder is used to keep the long arm of the law away from you. It helps to keep away the law or form an aura of invisibility to keep the law off of your back. This oil helps with making sure that protection is in order and has been even known to reverse situations. Law Stay Away Powder doesn't...

John the Conqueror Powder


John the Conqueror Powder contains real John the Conqueror root, one of the most powerful roots in hoodoo. It is used for good luck, money, power, love, success, influencing and commanding others and conquering any situation. John the Conqueror Powder Uses: Conquering Situations Good Luck and Success Personal Power and Influence Over Others Drawing a Female Love Interest John The Conqueror...

Archangel Michael Powder


Archangel Michael Powder is for protection and working with this powerful Archangel to help your conjure work when you need that higher power to come through in a major way. His patronage includes police officers and those in charge of protecting others. He was also once considered a psychopomp, which means he holds power over the dead.  His day is September 29th,...