Hot Foot Powder is used when you need to drive someone out of your life whether it be that pesky neighbor that just won't leave you alone, a coworker that keeps annoying you to the point of no return or to get rid of your enemies without causing them harm.

Our Hot Foot Powder is very traditional with Sulfur, Hot Chili Peppers, and other highly irritating ingredients to irritate the person like no other.

Use Hot Foot Powder in the same manner as any sachet powder: dust an area that will be touched by your intended person for example car door handle, doorstep, keyboard of a coworker. The most common form is to use it in foot track magic where you place it where the intended will walk and track the powder everywhere they step. Since it is a very distinct color you will need to mix it together with dirt.

You will receive 1 ounce in a clear sealed bag.