Love Powder

Love Powder

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Love Powder is great for when you are wanting someone to love you and to help draw in the love you want.

Love Powder Magickal Uses:
‰ۢ Bed sheets
‰ۢ Freshening sachetsåÊ
‰ۢ Loading love candles
‰ۢ Floor sweeps
‰ۢ Sprinkle on doorstep to bring a lover home
‰ۢ Sprinkle in target's shoes to bring their path to you
‰ۢ Sprinkle in lover's clean clothes to keep their mind on you
‰ۢ Sprinkle on lover's dirty clothes to bind them to you
‰ۢ Add to doll babies and poppetsåÊ
‰ۢ Add to packets and petitionsåÊ
‰ۢ Sprinkle on plates of love candle work

You will receive 1 oz. of powder in a clear sealed bag.

***Sold as a curio only.åÊ Results not guaranteed.***

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