Powders, aka blowing or sprinkling powders, have been used as a spiritual tool for many years. These fragrant powders are used to ward off evil, bring luck and prosperity and enhance love relationships.  

Powders can be used in a variety of ways. The method of use can depend on who the magical effects are intended for. When using the powders to affect one’s own circumstances, they are often worn in a mojo bag.  

Blowing the powder towards the four directions is another way to invoke their magic. They can also be sprinkled on candles or around your home.  

The oldest tradition of using powder involves walking backward as you sprinkle the powder. Choose a location you know the intended person will walk through and lightly spread the magic powder back and forth as you walk backward. You may choose to recite a prayer or psalm as you walk to help increase the potency of your ritual.

Clarity Powder


Clarity Powder is for when you need an understanding of a situation that is confusing, muddled, and difficult.  Our blend has herbs and resins known to open the senses and keep the channels open. Clarity Powder Uses: Understanding with certainty Clear confusion Open Eyes to the truth Clarity Spell Ideas:  Burn Clarity Incense to help you see situations from a new perspective.  Annoint a...

Dixie Love Powder


Dixie Love Powder is for when you want to have romance and love with someone you currently know. Great for the hopeless romantic that wants love the old fashion DIXIE way! Dixie Love Powder Uses: Foster love and romance Everyday love perfume Physical attractiveness Dixie Love Spell Ideas:  Dress a red candle with Dixie Love Oil and place a written petition...

Wealthy Way Powder


Wealthy Way Powder is used in rituals geared towards drawing in a luxurious lifestyle, abundance, and prosperity. It's the type of powder that can be used in a variety of rituals pertaining to one's financial well-being.   Wealthy Way Powder Uses: Attract Money, Gifts, and Opportunities Increase Wealth Bring in Clients/Customers Wealthy Way Spell Ideas: Dress a green pyramid candle...

Essence of Bend Over Powder


The Essence of Bend Over Powder is for when you need help to get the upper hand over other people or when you need to get others to do your bidding. It is a great way to sway others influence for you.  Our Essence of Bend Over blend is earthy and sweet with a proprietary blend of organic herbs, essential oils and resins designed to...

Reconciliation Powder


Reconciliation Powder used to bring back together parted lovers, broken marriages, and quarreling partners. Reconciliation Powder is a powerful tool to heal broken relationships and soften harsh feelings.  Also used to draw back an ex-lover or to soothe over hurt and angry feeling after a fight in a relationship.  You will receive one ounce in a clear sealed bag.

All Saints Powder


All Saints Powder has  herbs and resins that have been historically associated with good blessings, health and overall well-being. This is an all purpose blend and can any apply to ANY saint you may choose to work with.  Our All Saints blend has a mellow sweet scent with vanilla tones and a hint of lavender. Spell Suggestions:Use All Saints Incense in any working where you are petitioning...