Powders, aka blowing or sprinkling powders, have been used as a spiritual tool for many years. These fragrant powders are used to ward off evil, bring luck and prosperity and enhance love relationships.  

Powders can be used in a variety of ways. The method of use can depend on who the magical effects are intended for. When using the powders to affect one’s own circumstances, they are often worn in a mojo bag.  

Blowing the powder towards the four directions is another way to invoke their magic. They can also be sprinkled on candles or around your home.  

The oldest tradition of using powder involves walking backward as you sprinkle the powder. Choose a location you know the intended person will walk through and lightly spread the magic powder back and forth as you walk backward. You may choose to recite a prayer or psalm as you walk to help increase the potency of your ritual.

Cancer Powder


Cancer Powder is to dress any sort of conjure candles whose petitions are appropriate to the astrological sign thus named, or during the months associated with those signs in order to strengthen connections to the energies represented by the signs of the zodiac. Some workers keep a "Master Candle" on their altar at all times and dress it each month with...

Follow Me Girl Powder


Follow Me Girl Powder is a powerful, controlling, love blend will keep your woman in love with you and under your thumb. Follow Me Girl Powder is a traditional hoodoo blend used in controlling love spells.  

Kiss Me Now Powder


Kiss Me Now Powder is designed to bring about immediate sexual luck. Kiss Me Now Powder is usually used when a person wishes to have a loving good time, whether or not the liaison is expected to result in a long-term relationship. Kiss Me Now Powder can be used in rituals for making it happen and in a hurry.