Root Working

We perform a variety of rootworking without a consultation (Honey Jars, Souring Jars, and Fiery Wall of Protection). Most situations and conditions are covered in the spells and candle work on our site, and don’t require a consultation ahead of time.

But for CUSTOM rootwork, you will need to schedule a consultation with us. During this session, we will discuss the matter at hand, do some divination work and decide together how to proceed with your work.  

If we feel your particular situation is out of our area of expertise, we will refer you to another well-respected rootworker who would better help you.  

The initial consultation is $50 and you will need to pick a date and time from the calendar before checking out.

What types of spells do you specialize in?

  • love, money, reconciliation, empowerment, success
  • banishing and hotfoot work
  • protection, reversal, and uncrossing work
  • crossing, payback, and break-up work.

What types of spells do you refuse to perform?

  1. Any work that is intended to bring sickness or bodily harm to another.
  2. Any work that a consultation tells us is unjustified.
  3. Any work we feel uncomfortable with.

Do you guarantee the spell will work?

No spell can be absolutely guaranteed no more than a lawyer can 100% guarantee you the outcome of a court case or a doctor could absolutely guarantee he can cure you. Beware of rootworkers who offer you a 100% "GUARANTEE."

When we finish a job for you, we will send you an email with pictures of the work performed as well as any updates about the outcome. We’ve found that as a general rule, changes can take about 3 weeks to occur. Some people have reported small changes in 3 days, movement occurring after about 3 weeks, and things coming full circle after about 3 months. Keep in mind, each situation is unique and different

Can you just guide ME on how to perform a spell or rootwork?
I ENCOURAGE people to perform their own spellwork. After all, whatever your situation, YOU have the most to lose or gain and you have the capability of putting a great deal of passion and intention into the work. When you book a “rootwork consultation” with us ($50) we will discuss your situation, use divination to see the best way to proceed, and then we can direct you to the proper herbs, roots, flowers, candles, and other ingredients and HOW and WHEN you will use them.