Hoodoo Love Oil Lamp Working
Hoodoo Love Oil Lamp Working
3 Crows Conjure

Hoodoo Love Oil Lamp Working

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Hoodoo Oil Lamp Workings are old-school and works hotter than a setting of lights service. This Love Lamp will be custom created for you with herbs, roots, curios, and talismans to attract new love, spark passion in an existing relationship, move toward deeper commitment or get someone to move you out of the "friend zone."  No matter what the particulars of your love condition are, a custom oil lamp can be created to bring in a better situation.

Order this lamp and it will be lit and maintained over the course of one to four weeks to bring in the improved love condition you desire.

When you order a Hoodoo Love Oil Lamp Working, you can write out your petition by clicking on the "Add To Cart" button above. Please include the names and birth dates of you and any other applicable parties. Please email your photo(s) to info@3crowsconjure.com

We will create a custom-made Hoodoo Oil Lamp with your photo and intention along with essential oils, herbs, roots, curios and talismans designed to spiritually assist you in creating an improved love. 

When the working is complete, we will send you a personalized email with your photographs and a report giving you an intuitive reading as to the state of the situation regarding your wishes, what actions would be helpful and what to expect from the work.