Orders & Shipping

1.) How soon will I receive my order?

Our current fulfillment time is up to two weeks from the date your order was placed. This does not include time spent in transit with the carrier (UPS, USPS, DHL). Expedited options are not available.
You will receive tracking information once we print your shipping label. This does not mean that your order has shipped - tracking will be updated after the carrier has picked up your order.

2.) Can I add an item to my order or change my shipping address?

Please send us an email with your order number and request to info@3crowsconjure.com, and our Fulfillment Team will assist you further. We cannot guarantee we will be able to accommodate your request. Once you receive a tracking number for an order, no item adjustments will be made, therefore you will need to place a separate order.

3.) I didn't receive a confirmation email, but I was charged.

Please be sure that you have checked all folders in your email inbox - such as promotions, social, and spam. If you have multiple email addresses, double check which one you used to make your purchase. If you paid with Apple Pay, your confirmation email likely went to the email address associated with your iCloud account.

If you have checked all inboxes and still have not located a confirmation email, then it is possible that your billing address details were incorrect, and your order did not fully process. In that case you may send an email to info@3crowsconjure.com with your name, your shipping address, the amount of your pending charge, and the date you attempted to order, and our Fulfillment Team will look into this further for you.

4.) I received my tracking number but it hasn't updated.

You receive your tracking information once we print your shipping label, but your tracking will not update until your order has been picked up by its carrier.
If your tracking has not updated, then your order is still being processed. We appreciate your patience.

5.) Shop App show an estimated delivery date, but it's past and I don't have my order.

We do not utilize the Shop App to track orders. We encourage you to follow the tracking number we provide for your order via email, which will take you directly to the carrier’s website.

6.) My order was marked delivered but I haven't received it, or items arrived damaged.

Please refer to our Shipping Policy regarding filing a claim with the carrier for your missing or damaged package. We do not offer refunds for lost or stolen packages.

Product Ritual 

1.) Should I cleanse my space before starting my ritual?

Yes, we recommend that you cleanse your space prior to performing your rituals. You may do so with any of our spiritual cleansing products....

2.) Can I use combine 3 Crows Conjure products with products I got from someone else?

Do not combine 3 Crows Conjure products with those of other practitioners. For example, our oils and our powders cannot be added to someone else’s prepared candle that you have purchased elsewhere. You cannot pair our Ritual Baths with someone else's prepared candle. You cannot follow a 3 Crows Conjure's Uncrossing Fixed Candle with someone else's Protection candle, etc.

However, if you’d like to use our oils and our powders to prepare your own plain candle or bath, this is fine - but you will then be creating your own ritual by using our products as ingredients. 

3.) When can I start another ritual?

After completing a Fixed Candle Ritual, you do not have to wait to start another ritual. 
• After completing a Ritual Bath, you must wait at least 21 days. No exceptions.
• Condition Oils can be worn daily, and we encourage you to do so.

• Powders can be used as needed.
• Mojo Bags are to be carried on you at all times.

4.) Can I work with 3 Crows Conjure's products on my menstrual cycle?

We encourage you to wait until after your menstrual cycle has finished to perform any rituals, such as our Fixed Candles and our Ritual Baths. This is a time of rest for your body, and it is best to wait until your energy is back up to do any major Spiritual work. Continuing to work with our Condition Oils and carrying our Mojo Bags is okay.

5.) I'm pregnant, can I work with 3 Crows Conjure's products?

We generally do not advise performing any spiritual work while you are pregnant. If you'd like to work with our Fixed Candles, you may work with Healing or Protection, and the same goes for our Condition Oils - but nothing else.

Working with removal products, such as Uncrossing, Reversing, Blockbuster, or Cut & Clear, or defensive products such as Death Unto My Enemies, Hot Foot, or Shut Your Mouth, should absolutely be avoided during pregnancy. This is a time for you to focus on growing and protecting a healthy baby, which we encourage you to keep as your only priority.

 6.) Can I use Condition oils and/or Ritual Baths on my children?

We do not advise performing any Spiritual work on children, or on their behalf. The only thing to focus on with your children is Protection, and Blessing.

Your children may wear our Blessed “Protection” Bracelets, and you may anoint them with our Protection Condition Oil, our Cast Off Evil Condition Oil, or Healing Condition Oil - but nothing else.

When it comes to Fixed Candles, you may include your children in your prayers when working with Protection, Healing, or any of our Saints, and that is all.

As far as our King Solomon's Wisdom Fixed Candle and our King Solomon's Wisdom Condition Oil, you may work this ritual on your child’s behalf or anoint them with the Oil if they are a teenager or older.

Absolutely no Uncrossing work, and no Ritual Baths.

7.) Can I work with 3 Crows Conjure's products during a retrograde, full moon, etc.?

Yes, if you incorporate the astrological weather into your personal practice, then it is entirely up to your discretion when it comes to doing any work during events such as a specific moon phase, a planetary retrograde, or an eclipse. We offer products to assist like Mercury Retrograde, full moon, new moon, and zodiac products to better assist you.

Fixed Candle Rituals

1.) I missed a day of prayer, or another step in the ritual instructions, what should I do?

You will need to just continue your ritual where you left off. Be sure to follow the instructions exactly as they are written.

2.) How long should I let my fixed candle burn and should I blow it out or snuff it out?

If you can let it burn the entire length of the candle until it is finished is what we advise if you can not do that make sure to burn it for 1 hour a day and please do not blow out your candle use a candle snuffer to put it out and make sure to say the prayer each time you relight the candle.

3.) Can I burn multiple fixed candles at the same time?

Yes, unless advised by 3 Crows Conjure team to not do so. We always recommend to burn candles one at a time to ensure that you are fully focusing your prayers and intentions in one direction.

4.) Can I listen to music or guided meditation when performing my ritual?

Yes for music it is a great way to help you to focus on your goal as long as it doesn't become a distraction. We highly encourage you to NOT do a guided meditation it will distract you from focusing you on your goal.

Condition Oils

1.) Can I mix or layer 3 Crows Conjure Condition oils?

You may layer our Condition Oils and wear multiple oils at once.
When anointing yourself with multiple Condition Oils individually, be sure to state your prayers and intentions for each while doing so - take a moment between using each Condition Oil, and affirm your intentions for each.
Be mindful of the order in which you are anointing yourself - for example, Uncrossing is to come before Protection, etc.

If the oils are being blended together, make sure that they are being used for the same purpose - and being anointed in the same direction.

Always affirm your prayers and intentions while anointing yourself.

2.) Are there any oils from 3 Crows Conjure that should not be worn?

Do not anoint yourself with our Condition Oils for baneful work. These Oils are intended for contact work, or to be used as an ingredient.

(i.e. dark arts, DUME, hot foot, shut your mouth, banishing, break up, domination, bend over, flying devil, damnation, etc...)