Dark Arts Oil

Dark Arts Oil

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Dark Arts OilåÊis designed foråÊcursing, hexing, crossing up, black magic, necromancy, and causing harm to a target.åÊ It can be used to get away from an abusive situation or to get a divorce.åÊ This is a nasty oil for nasty business.åÊåÊåÊ

•ÈÀDark Arts Oil•ÈÀ is created with therapeutic grade essential oils, organic herbs, high quality minerals and authentic curios.åÊ This oil is disgusting smelling.åÊ Wear gloves when anointing petitions, candles, or objects.åÊ DO NOT WEAR on your body, unless of course, you want to curse yourself.

•ÈÀ***Sold as a curio.åÊ Results not guaranteed.***•ÈÀ•ÈÀ

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