Death Unto my Enemy/ D.U.M.E. Powder

Death Unto my Enemy/ D.U.M.E. Powder

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Death Unto my Enemy/ D.U.M.E. Powder is designed to cause the death of a situation and to end feuds. It does what it says, puts death to an enemy. This is a serious cursing powder made with the most powerful damnation recipes we have. This powder is NOT to be worn and gloves are highly recommended when using this. It has caustic ingredients that will cause skin irritations.

Death Unto my Enemy/ D.U.M.E. Powder USES:

  • Destroy your enemy's life, mental health, and relationships.
  • Put a death to relationships, feuds, and other situations between two people

•Death Unto my Enemy/ D.U.M.E. SPELL IDEAS:

While wearing gloves, anoint a black skull candle or figure candle in which you've carved your enemy's name with D.U.M.E. Oil and dust with D.U.M.E. Powder. Curse your enemy as you light the candle. Traditionally, a bottle of D.U.M.E. Oil is broken on your enemy's doorstep.

***Sold as a curio. Results are not guaranteed.***

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