Jezebel 7 Day Fixed Candle
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Jezebel 7 Day Fixed Candle

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Jezebel 7 Day Fixed Candle helps give a woman a favorable position in both business matters and love. It's the perfect thing to use when attempting to control a situation that involves interactions with the opposite sex.  It can also be used for any type for of financial negotiation or transaction.  Our Jezebel 7 Day Fixed Candle not only includes real Jezebel root, but it also includes other powerful herbs and oils potent in love and commanding.

We will dress and bless your Jezebel 7 Day Fixed Candle with therapeutic grade essential and condition oils, organic herbs, high quality minerals, and a powerful intention prayer.

Each candle is custom made and takes time to prepare. We do not mass produce so by nature it may take a few extra days to prepare.  Variations in color may occur from candle to candle.

Do not leave candles burning unattended.  Use a heat resistant container or surface for safety.

***Sold as a curio.  Results not guaranteed.***