Jezebel Oil helps give women a favorable position in both business matters and love. It's the perfect oil to use when attempting to control a situation that involves interactions with the opposite sex.  It can also be used for any type of financial negotiation or transaction.  Our Jezebel Oil not only includes real Jezebel root, but it also includes other powerful herbs and oils potent love and commanding.

Jezebel OIL USES:

  • Domination Work
  • Cursing a Competitive Female
  • Love and Commanding the Opposite Sex

Jezebel Oil SPELL IDEAS:

Anoint Jezebel oil on Jezebel root and place on your altar, under your mattress while entertaining a lover or simply carry it on you. You may also use it in candle divination by carving the name or situation of that which you would like to influence, carve your own name on top of it. Anoint it with Jezebel Oil and light. Recite Psalm 23. 

Take two candles, one purple (you) and one red (your target) if it's regarding love, green for business matters or white for simply persuading another person. Get a white string and tie nine knots in it. Make sure that every time you tie a single knot you are focusing exactly on what you want. Carve your name in the purple candle and carve the name or intention into the other candle. Anoint both candles with Jezebel Oil. Take the white string and wrap it around both candles so they are connected and then tie the string. When you are ready, light the candle and recite Psalm 23.

***Sold as a curio.  Results not guaranteed.***