Martha La Dominadora is said to be a very powerful saint, especially when it comes to ending an abusive relationship or subduing an enemy.  She is often enlisted as a protector of women, though she will help a man who needs her protection from an abusive woman.  She will also work to rope in one of those wandering types whose love comes and goes.  

This fixed candle is an all-encompassing domination candle which you may use to dominate any situation or person you desire. When working with this candle, create a small altar for Martha La Dominadora where you’ll burn this candle. Give her offerings of espresso coffee (black), raw eggs, dark colored flowers, raisin bread, spiced rum or red wine. Martha La Dominadora is a powerful Spirit who’s very responsive and will manifest your desires quickly. 

We will dress and bless your Martha La Dominadora 7 Day Fixed Candle with therapeutic grade essential and condition oils, organic herbs, high quality minerals, and a powerful intention prayer.

Each candle is custom made and takes time to prepare. We do not mass produce so by nature it may take a few extra days to prepare.  Variations may occur from candle to candle.

***Sold as a curio only.  Results not guaranteed.***