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Sugar Mama Powder

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Sugar Mama Powder is intended for use by women looking to attract a wealthy female suitor.  Please be aware that, when used correctly, this product has the potential to pack a mighty punch! Only use if you are absolutely certain this is what you want. If you are looking for something with more of a gently persuasive nature, please choose Lavender Love for Women.

A popular way to use this is in anointing candles to be used in spell work. 

Some use this powder to anoint poppets or simply to burn during a ritual. Others like to use it to feed a mojo bag or gris-gris.  We make our Sugar Mama Powder with organic herbs, high quality resins, and therapeutic grade essential oils, so it is safe to wear on the body.

You will receive one ounce in a clear sealed bag.

***Sold as a curio only.  Results not guaranteed.***