All Saints Incense

All Saints Incense

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All Saints Incense is an herbal incense created with organic herbs and high quality resins that have been historically associated with good blessings, health and overall well-being. This is an all purpose blend and can any apply to ANY saint you may choose to work with. Our All Saints blend has a mellow sweet scent with vanilla tones and a hint of lavender.

Spell Suggestions:
Use All Saints Incense in any working where you are petitioning a saint for their assistance. Apply All Saints Oil and All Saints Powder to the associated candle of the saint.. If you can't find a particular candle for a certain Saint, you can simply use a white candle.

Below you will find a few saints examples and associated colors:

  • St Michael: Red, Purple or Green. Protection, victory and overcoming obstacles.
  • St. Lazarus: Yellow or Purple. Health, sickness, addictions, prosperity.
  • Our Lady of Charity: Yellow. To bring new love, marriage or protection of the home and family.
  • St. Joseph: Yellow: Real Estate Issues (he really works!)
  • St. Anthony: Orange: To find new love, lost items, to bring back an old love.
  • St. Dymphna: Blue. For mental or emotional unease, family harmony.
  • St. Barbara: Red. To help clear obstacles, protection, protects women, good luck.
  • St. Rita: Pink. To help with impossible causes, abused women.

•Do not leave incense burning unsupervised. Please use a heat resistant container or surface for safety.

***Sold as a curio. Results not guaranteed***

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