Relationship Cleansing Candle Working


If your romantic relationship, family relationship or friendship has gone through tough times and your need to start fresh, this spell will spiritually wipe the slate clean and remove the negativity so you can start over again on a better foot. A cleansing working is used to remove old fights, negative energies that someone else has put on your relationship...

Talk to Me Candle Working


Talk to Me Candle Working is used to open up communication when it has been cut off or never even started. If you and your loved ones are not speaking to each other or there is someone new whom you'd like to speak to, this spell will open up the channels of communication.  We dress a skull candle with the...

Always Thinking of You Love Candle Working


Whether your lover is physically or emotionally distant, the Always Thinking of You Love Candle Working is designed to get them to focus their thoughts totally on you. When you order an Always Thinking of You Love Candle Working, you can write out your petition by clicking on the "Add To Cart" button above. Please include the names and birth dates of you...

Blockbuster Candle Working


***Sold as a curio.  Results not guaranteed.***

I Dominate My Woman Candle Working


I Dominate My Woman Candle Working is for when you want your female to be submissive to what you want. The process is straight to the point, We dress a candle with the appropriate oil and herbs and carve your name into the candle. We then add additional candles to stand for the things that will dominate your woman When you...

Fiery Wall of Protection Working


This listing is for one Fiery Wall of Protection service to be performed by us on your behalf. This is the strongest protection working to keep harmful people away, negative energies or to get someone to leave you alone and stop meddling in your affairs.  *** Please submit all information (full names, dates of birth and details of the situation) in the 'SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS...