Psychic Parties & Events

Psychic Parties & Events

Amanda offers a unique and enchanting experience through our Psychic Parties and Events. Amanda will make your gathering a more fascinating opportunity for you and your guests to explore the mystical realm of divination, tarot readings, and psychic insights in a fun and interactive way. Whether you're seeking guidance, curious about your future, or simply interested in connecting with your inner spirituality, Amanda offers a welcoming and mystical atmosphere. She will create an atmosphere where attendees can gain valuable insights, connect with the unseen forces, and enjoy a memorable and enlightening experience. 

In-Person Events and Virtual Parties

In-person readings for your event or party is available in the Greater Indianapolis Metropolitan area. If you can't get together in person, we offer virtual parties via Zoom it is a great way to have a party with your friends especially when you can not make it together in person.

  • Rates for In-person reading $240 per hour with a two hour minimum and $120 each additional half hour.
  • Rates for Virtual Parties are $240 per hour with a one hour minimum and $120 each additional half hour. 

Contact us at and let us know your party date/time and how long you would like Amanda to do readings.

  • For in-person events, we will send you an invoice for a 50% deposit to hold the date. The remaining amount is due the day of the event. 
  • For virtual events, we will send you an invoice for the event. Once you have paid we will send you a link to your Zoom virtual party that you can share with your friends.

Choose any length of time for the virtual session, divide it among you and your friends. For example, you can book one hour and divide it among six friends, each of you will receive a 10 minute reading.

If you have any questions please email and we will write you back as soon as possible (usually less than 24 hours).

In-person events guests can have readings in private or small groups. The length of readings can be adjusted to fit the number of guests with the length of your party. 3 card readings can accomodate 10-15 guests per hour, one card is usually 20-25 people per hour. Smaller parties can have 5-10 card readings as well.

Psychic that can fit your party theme

Amanda is very flexible and can adapt for kids, teenagers and adults:

  • Birthday party
  • New Year's party (popular for upcoming year info)
  • Valentine's Day (Romance)
  • St. Patrick's Day
  • Anniversary (Love)
  • Halloween
  • Private Party
  • Corporate Event or Team Building
  • Fundraiser
  • School Carnival
  • Cocktail Reception
  • Wedding Reception
  • Batchelor or Bachelorette Party
  • Sweet 16 or quinceañera
  • Tea Party
  • Girls Night


Rates are $240 per hour with a two hour minimum for in-person events and one hour minimum for virtual parties.

Amanda's readings focus on positive opportunities, so everyone will feel uplifted and empowered. Your party will be fun and everyone will have a lot to talk about! 

***Because of high demand, the Friday and Saturday before Halloween, Halloween night, and New Year's Eve have a four hour minimum.


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