About 3 Crows Conjure...

Who is 3 Crows Conjure:

3 Crows Conjure was started in 2015 as a way to bring high quality products and services to our customers and community. The main goal of 3 Crows Conjure is to educate, empower, and create. From this we decided to hand make all of our candles, condition oils, incenses, powders, teas, mojo hands. We take pride in ordering the highest quality essential oils, organic herbs, stones, curios and other ingredients. As well support local artists and vendors. Since starting in 2015, Amanda's long time dream is now a full reality.   

As of Today 3 Crows Conjure is not only a successful and thriving online store. In late December of 2020 during the Pandemic spirit lead us to open up a brick and mortar store in the Southside of Indianapolis, Indiana. While taking on another leap of faith, the community responded and embraced the new store. If you are in the Indianapolis area or would like the come in see the store. We are located 7210 Madison Ave, Suite K Indianapolis, IN 46227.  

Our Hours

Tuesdays through Saturdays: 10am to 3pm

Sundays and Mondays: Closed


Amanda Keith: Owner of 3 Crows Conjure


From an early age, Amanda has been aware and in tuned with her Psychic gifts and with the spirit world. As she grew up listening to sound of her own drumbeat. She borrowed her first book on Wicca when she was 13 and first tarot deck at 16. Then, at the age of 18 she was free to truly study her Spirit Lead path of Witchcraft, Psychic Development, and Energy Healing at a local shop that was located in Indianapolis, IN.

In 2006, Spirit lead Amanda to move down to Birmingham, AL. While living there the Spirits lead her to connect with her Southern roots and began doing professional readings at a local shop. This began her journey of being not just a high demand Psychic/Medium/Tarot Reader, but she started teaching classes on the Tarot and becoming a leader in the community. As well learning and practicing Hoodoo/Root working. In the Fall of 2009 Amanda came back home Indianapolis area. While helping her grandparents in their transitions of live she continued her journey. She started to see her gifts of communing with the dead was also an aide to help those in end of live transitions. This began her services of being a Death Doula and finally got certified in 2020. While, her path grew when her love and respect of Haitian Vodou called her to Kanzo as a Mambo Sou Pwen.

Today she is a Student of the Mystery School in The Temple of Witchcraft and is focused on helping others all around the world, with clients ranging from the United States, Canada, the U.K. , China, Australia, Japan, Puerto Rico, India, Mexico, Cayman Islands, and Denmark to name a few. People come to her for spiritual guidance, love, relationship, career, and business guidance.