Get a Job Incense


Get a Job Incense is a powerful tool that can aid you when you are searching for a job, desire a promotion or are simply wanting to start a new career. It is also known to help with any type of financial endeavor and can help boost income. If you worry about becoming unemployed, Get a Job Incense may help you safeguard your job,...

Healing Incense


Healing Incense is intended to help heal on all levels, mind, body and soul.. It meant to ease the discomfort you have with lost parts of your soul, feel lost, are grieving, or just feel like you need a boost to your spiritual health.  If you need help with moving forward in your life this oil will help. The sweet scent of...

Hot & Steamy Erotic Incense


Hot & Steamy Erotic Incense is great for when you need that EXTRA oomph in the bedroom.  This incense is fantastic to burn while you get ready for a date, for before going to bed or before going out on a night out.  You can dress a red or pink candle with Hot & Steamy Erotic Oil and roll it in Hot...

Incense burners


These beautiful solid wood incense burners are about 2" in width and 10" in length. They are perfect to go anywhere and perfect for your stick incense. 

Keep 'Em Faithful (Fidelity) Incense


Keep 'Em Faithful Incense is to help keep your spouse faithful to you.

King Solomon's Wisdom Incense


Are you in need of King Solomon's Wisdom? This Incense has it all and then some, just like King Solomon, after all, he did have 700+ wives. Our formula is used for wisdom, success, attractiveness and money.  Use this incense in any type of working to help infuse these qualities into your work.