Archangel Michael Oil

Archangel Michael Oil

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Archangel Michael Oil is for protection and working with this powerful Archangel to help your conjure work when you need that higher power to come through in a major way.

  • His patronage includes police officers and those in charge of protecting others. He was also once considered a psychopomp, which means he holds power over the dead.
  • His day is September 29th, his color is red or blue, his talisman is a little sword and his herbs are Michaelmas daisy, angelica root, garlic, and guinea peppers.
  • Among the different devotions dedicated to Archangel Michael which you can do in his name or to develop a relationship with him are:
    • Praying the Chaplet to Saint Michael, his famous prayer or his novena.
    • Or carrying Saint Michael's Scapular (prayer card).

***Sold as a curio. Results not guaranteed***

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