Fast Cash Powder

Fast Cash Powder

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Fast Cash PowderåÊis used when there are immediate financial needs. It is also used by those who simply want to create more financial abundance, wealth, and prosperity. It can be used for any type of ritual that focuses on drawing in money. The herbs in this blend are associated with abundance, new business, financial stability/security, business growth, material wealthåÊand overall financial success.åÊ

Fast CashåÊPowder Uses:

  • Draw money into your life
  • Get paid on a debt that's owed
  • Increase your income from expected and unexpected sources

Fast Cash Spell Ideas:

Dress aåÊLodestoneåÊwithåÊFast Cash OilåÊand place it in a box where you keep youråÊmoney to draw more money into your savings. Dress the front door of your home on the four corners and center withåÊFast Cash OilåÊto bring money into the house. Dress your hands withåÊFast Cash OilåÊbefore shooting dice at the casino to get a bigger payout.

•ÈÀ***Sold as a curio.åÊ Results not guaranteed.***

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