Powders, aka blowing or sprinkling powders, have been used as a spiritual tool for many years. These fragrant powders are used to ward off evil, bring luck and prosperity and enhance love relationships.  

Powders can be used in a variety of ways. The method of use can depend on who the magical effects are intended for. When using the powders to affect one’s own circumstances, they are often worn in a mojo bag.  

Blowing the powder towards the four directions is another way to invoke their magic. They can also be sprinkled on candles or around your home.  

The oldest tradition of using powder involves walking backward as you sprinkle the powder. Choose a location you know the intended person will walk through and lightly spread the magic powder back and forth as you walk backward. You may choose to recite a prayer or psalm as you walk to help increase the potency of your ritual.

Come and See Me Powder


Come and See Me Powder is a sexier version of Come to Me. This is definitely for when you are in the mood and you are wanting someone special to come and see you.  Sultry, sexy and spicy, this is the perfect oil to manifest a little tryst. Come and See Me USES: To get that special someone to come to see you....

Banishing Powder


Banishing Powder is to remove and send energy away from you. It can be used in any “removal” magickal work, especially when you want to send something or someone away. Banishing Powder Uses: Banish harmful people Banish bad habits Banish unhealthy situations Banishing Spell Ideas: Dress black candle with Banishing Oil and Banishing Powder burn over a petition describing what you...

Court Case Powder


Court Case Powder is designed to put you in a position of advantage when dealing with the court. Court Case Powder will confuse your opponent's lawyers and empower you to present your case like a champ and having the judge rule in your favor. Court Case Powder Uses: Win or do well in a court case Have a judge or...

Fast Luck Powder


Fast Luck Powder is a fantastic blend for fast, lucky outcomes with money, gambling, and love. Its sweet aroma is an unmistakable reminder of good luck coming to you quickly and effectively. Fast Luck Powder Uses: Fast luck with gambling or lottery Fast luck with love and relationships Fast luck with money and finances Fast Luck Spell Ideas: Dress red candles...

Better Business Powder


Better Business Powder is used to help attract customers, discourage and keep away bad customers, and to enhance profits and reputation of your business.  It can be used on merchandise, your books, your front door of your business, or even the work space you use if you just have an online business.  It would be a good formula to layer with other formulas...

Break Up Powder


Break Up Powder is perfect when you need to end the romance or friendship between people.  When you are just done and can't stand it anymore then this will do the trick to separate them for good.  It is a nasty little thing so make sure to wear rubber gloves to keep it off of you. If you do get...