Santa Muerte (White Robe) Candle Run Service

Santa Muerte (White Robe) Candle Run Service

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We take one of our  Santa Muerte (White Robe) 7-Day Fixed Candles and put your name, date of birth, and your petition underneath the candle, and we will light the candle and pray your petition for you for the whole burning period.

When the candle is complete, we will email you pictures showing the beginning of the candle burns as well as the candle's remains. If you would like to interpret these remains, please select the photos with report

**If you select photos with report, we will do a short report with a before and after picture of your candle. We will show you your candle remains, give you an interpretation of those remains, and tell you what actions would be helpful to reach your goals and what to expect from the work. 

Otherwise, we will just send you the before and after pictures of your candle burn if you select photos only.

If you would like to know more about our Santa Muerte (White Robe) 7-Day Fixed Candle, please check out the link.

*** Also, if you want to send a picture of yourself for your candle. You may email the picture to us at:

***Sold as a curio. Results are not guaranteed and may take time to manifest.***.

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