Cascarilla Cup


Cascarilla or White Eggshell Powder is a potent cleanser and protective agent. Cascarilla can be used on the body, dissolved into water to create a liquid bath & floor cleanser and is also used for drawing circles or for marking magical symbols on walls or floors.

High John the Conqueror Root (Small)


High John the Conqueror Root (Small) Powers: Protection Good luck Attracting women Achieving goals Keep it in your business anointed with money drawing oil or better business oil to keep sales coming in.   To attract a woman to you can dress your High John root with Come to Me Oil or for just a good time dress it with Come...

Railroad Spike (dressed and blessed)


Railroad Spike7" long genuine old-time rusty Railroad Spike, use four of them for nailing down the corner of your property or home for protection and to keep you from being moved out.  Each spike has been properly blessed, dressed and is ready to go. Each spike is HOT and READY to go. You will receive 1 spike.

Pyrite Chips


Pyrite Chips

Peace Water


Peace Water is used to promote a peaceful environment and good spirits. Place a bottle of Peace Water in the main living areas of your home. Such as the living room, bedrooms, etc. or any room where you spend a lot of your time.Peace Water is used in household blessings and cleansing. You can sprinkle drops of Peace Water at...

Kananga Water


Kananga Water is a cologne used for spiritual services, purification, and memorials to the dead. Also fantastic to put out in a small bowl for the ancestors on their altar.