Crown of Success Candle Working


***Sold as a curio.  Results not guaranteed.***

Look Me Over Candle Working


A Look Me Over Candle Working is used for amping up your personal magnetism so that you attract positive attention. Many people use this for attracting a new partner and to turn up their sexual attractiveness. Others use this spell to assure that they will be chosen for a job, acting role or other competition where personal magnetism drives the choice. Still, others...

Venus Of Willendorf Candle Working


Venus of Willendorf Candle Working is used to increase female power, for fertility and growth or for increasing abundance. A Venus of Willendorf Candle Working is used for where you want to see power, growth, and results. We do this working for clients who wish to increase love, prosperity, business, luck, fertility, health, success, power and more. Use red for passionate love, pink for...