Anna & Eve Powder

Anna & Eve Powder

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Anna & Eve Powder is ideal for females who want to bring about female love to you and someone you currently know or are dating. Anna & Eve Powder  can bring fidelity to your current relationship. Anna & Eve Powder is to promote enduring love between spouses or lovers.Typically, this blend is not used to bring a NEW or unknown female into your life but is perfect to bring love about from a female you know, are dating, or are in a relationship with. We use organic herbs and high quality resins associated with love drawing and to enhance the female nature to make the perfect concoction to entice the female to love you.

Anna & Eve USES:

  • Bring fidelity in a current relationship.
  • Bring love to female relationships.


You can incorporate Anna & Eve Powder on the candle as well or even dust this powder in your bedroom. You can dress a pink or red female candle with •Anna & Eve Oil • and place on the photo or your desired one. Burn • Anna & Eve Incense• while doing your spell or to enhance the bond with that special someone.

***Sold as a curio. Results not guaranteed.***

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