The Essence of Bend Over Oil is for when you need help to get the upper hand over other people. When you need to get others to do your bidding for you. Also is a great way to sway others influence for you.

Essence of Bend Over Oil Uses:

  • Influencing others to work in your favor
  • Getting others to do your bidding
  • Establish control over another person

Essence of Bend Over Spell Ideas:

Place a bit of Essence of Bend Over oil on the person you want to dominate. Place it on their clothes or anything they will come in contact with. Dress a purple candle with Essence of Bend Over Oil (place in a candle holder) and place it over a petition you made where you write the person's name and cross your name over the top of their name. I like to take a white thread and wrap around the candle and tie a knot at the end. Make sure to state your intentions as you light the candle.