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Black Cohosh / Black Snake Root

Black Cohosh / Black Snake Root

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Black Cohosh/Black Snake Root Magical Uses: Black Cohosh/Black Snake Root (Cimicifuga racemosa) clears out unwanted people, protects from harm, and brings good luck. Used in love sachets or in the bath to prevent impotence.Carry in pocket or amulet for courage and/or strength. Sprinkle around a room to drive away evil. Add an infusion of the herb to bath water to ensure a long and happy life. Burn as a love incense. It helps foster determination, courage, and faith in self when carried.

  • Gender: Masculine
  • Planet: Sun
  • Element: Fire
  • Deities: Aries and Mars

You will receive 1 ounce in a clear sealed bag.

***Sold as a curio. Results not guaranteed.***



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