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Black Hawk Spell Kit

Black Hawk Spell Kit

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Black Hawk Spell Kit is for obtaining the assistance of the spirit of Black Hawk in spiritualist rituals.

Black Hawk was a fierce war leader of the Sauk tribe and when you need an ally to help in your cause, he's the one to call on. Use this spell in a situation where you need the extra spiritual assistance of your guides. This spell is particularly effective in situations when you are faced with interference from people in power or institutions.

There is a long history of Spiritualist churches working with Native American Spirits. The spirit of Black Hawk came to Mother Leafy Anderson in the 1920s as her spirit guide and has since contacted many other spiritualists to guide them.

The Black Hawk Spell Kit includes a Black Hawk candle, Indian Spirit Guide Oil, associated herb, Indian Head or Wheat Penny, and instructions to do your work.

Use the color that best fits your intention:

  • Red for passionate love
  • Pink for romance or friendship
  • Black for protection
  • Green for prosperity
  • Blue for tranquility or healing
  • Purple for power and mastery
  • Yellow for success
  • Orange for removing blocks
  • White for blessing or any other purpose.

    Do not leave candles burning unattended. Use a heat-resistant container or surface for safety.

    ***Sold as a curio only. Results are not guaranteed.***



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