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Boss Fix Powder

Boss Fix Powder

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Boss Fix Powder is for when you have a boss that is a pain in the rear and you want to get them off your behind. Or if you just want to sweeten your boss so you gain favor. Boss Fix Powder blends powerful commanding organic herbs for maximum effect. Boss Fix Powder is the perfect way to get your boss through objects they touch like their phone, doorknob or keyboard.

Boss Fix Powder Uses:

  • Get your boss off your back
  • Gain the favor of your boss or supervisor
  • Command a supervisor to do as you wish

Boss Fix Spell Ideas:

Put a little bit of Boss Fix Oil or Boss Fix Powder on your hands and wipe them on your boss' computer keyboard while praying aloud for them to stop micromanaging you and to favor you on the job. They will think favorably of you and leave you to do your work in peace. You can do the same with the doorknob to their office or the handles on their car.

***Sold as a curio only. Results are not guaranteed.***



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