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Cleo Mae Oil

Cleo Mae Oil

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Cleo Mae Oil powerfully draws in generous men who will admire you, respect you, and shower you with money. This unique oil blends love and money drawing herbs along with a little bit of domination magic. It has a soft floral bouquet with a sultry, musky finish.

Cleo Mae Oil Uses:

  • Attract a generous man to pamper you
  • Make your current boyfriend or husband be more generous

Cleo Mae Spell Ideas:

Put a little dab of Cleo Mae Oil behind each ear when going out with a big spender to get him to loosen his wallet. If you're a working girl or an escort, dress a green candle with Cleo Mae Oil and roll in Cleo Mae Powder to get respectful clients who will admire you and reward you for your services. If you're a lady just looking for a generous husband, you can pair this oil with Love Oil and dress red candles with it to draw a wealthy mate! 

***Sold as a curio. Results are not guaranteed.***



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