Communication Oil is perfect for that angry boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, or potential suitor that refuses to communicate or to get someone who isn't the communicative type to open up and speak what is in their heart. This oil is made by a strong and openly loving communicating couple to infuse the energy into every bottle to help benefit you. 

Communication Oil Uses:

  • Have someone talk to you
  • Promote good communication
  • Make a person call, write or speak with you

Communication Spell Ideas:

Carve a purple candle with your target's name, and the words "Talk to Me!". Dress the candle with Communication Oil and sprinkle it with communication powder, then set it in a candle holder on top of your target's photo. Burn the candle down to open communication with you and your target. Bury the remains near your front door to get your target to come to your home and speak with you.