Chuparrosa Incense is used to call on the divine hummingbird spirit (Rose Sucker) to bring honest and faithful love. It is also used to draw in good fortune as swift as this beautiful little birds wings.

Chuparrosa Incense USES:

  • Help prevent a partner from straying or leaving
  • For rekindling a relationship with an old flame
  • Draw in good fortune

Chuparrosa SPELL IDEAS:

Dress pink or red candles with Chuparrosa Oil & Chuparrosa Powder then burn them in a candle holder to bring honest and faithful love to you.  Dust Chuparrosa Powder on your bed sheets and your bedroom with a few drops of Chuparrosa Oil to set the mood in the room...  You can use Chuparrosa Incense to help set the mood as well and amplify any love working.

 You will receive one ounce in a clear sealed bag.

Sold as a curio only.  Results not guaranteed.