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Cut & Clear Oil

Cut & Clear Oil

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Cutaway the emotional ties from your past relationships with Cut & Clear Oil. This oil incorporates lemon and other effective herbs to sever your ties to the past, free your heart of feelings for an ex-lover, and help you move forward with your life. Cutaway and clear the road to new love and a new future.

Cut & Clear Oil Uses:

  • Cut emotional ties to a former friend or lover
  • Clear attachments to past exes

Cut & Clear Spell Ideas:

Take a white candle and dress it with Cut & Clear Oil after you attach it to a plate circle it with 3 rings of salt (you can use 3 different kinds or just one). Circle with rosemary, mint, and lemon peel, and then light the candle. åÊAnother idea is to write 2 lists of qualities left side is the qualities you don't want in a relationship and the right side is the qualities you do want. Cut the paper between the 2 lists and burn the qualities you do not want in a fire-safe dish and then discard. Dress a candle of your choice with Cut & Clear Oil ( you can even inscribeåÊyour name and your ex's name) and then light it to clear the old relationship. Make sure to do attraction work with Attraction Oil anoint a candle with this oil and then place it on top of the list of qualities you do want in your new relationship.

***Sold as a curio. Results are not guaranteed.***



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