Dragon's Blood Resin

Dragon's Blood Resin

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Dragon's Blood Resin Magical Uses:åÊ Dragon's BloodåÊis burned to entice errant lovers to return. This is usually done by women seated near an open window, looking outside, at night.åÊThe dried resin is a powerful protectant when carried, sprinkled around the house, or smoldered as incense. It will also drive evil and negativity away when burned. åÊA pinch of Dragon's Blood Resin added to other incenses or oils increases their potency and power.åÊ

åÊTo quiet a noisy house, powder some Dragon's Blood Resin, mix it with sugar and salt, and place in a bottle. Cover this tightly and secure it somewhere in your house where it won't be found. You'll have peace and quiet.

  • Gender: Masculine
  • Planet:åÊMars
  • Element:åÊFire
  • Deities:åÊ Agni, Ares, Shango, Eleggua, Horus, Mars, Montu, Obatala, Ochossi, Ogun, Olokun, Orunla, Shiva, Athena, Minerva, Oshun, Oya

You will receive a 1 ounce bag of Dragon's Blood Resin in a clear sealed bag.

***Sold as a curio only.åÊ Results not guaranteed.***

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