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DUME 7 Day Fixed Candle

DUME 7 Day Fixed Candle

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DUME 7 Day Fixed Candle aka Death Unto My Enemies is a powerful tool for anyone seeking to rid themselves of negative energy and harmful influences in their life. This candle is not for the faint of heart, as it is designed to specifically target those who seek to do you harm.


Crafted with ingredients including anima, curios, herbs, and oils known for their protective and banishing properties, this candle is an intense and effective tool for anyone seeking to take control of their life and eliminate their enemies.

As you light the DUME candle, feel the weight of the negative energy lifting from your shoulders. As the flame flickers and dances, know that the power of the universe is on your side, supporting you in your quest to eliminate those who would seek to harm you.

With each passing moment, the energy of the candle grows stronger, drawing in the protective energies of the universe and imbuing you with a renewed sense of strength and purpose. As the candle burns down, feel the energy of your enemies dissipating, leaving you free to move forward unencumbered by their negative influence.

Make sure to clean up afterward make sure to take it to a dumpster off your property, river, railroad crossing, crossroads, or graveyard to bury the glass. 


We offer Rue and Hyssop Soap, Cleanse Me From My Sins Soap, 13 Herb Bath, Uncrossing Bath, Purification Bath, etc... We highly recommend these afterward, and at a bare minimum make sure to say Psalm 51 while cleansing yourself from this in a bath with vinegar or ammonia (2-3 caps in a full bath of water).

The DUME candle is a potent and powerful tool for anyone seeking to take control of their life. Use it with intention and purpose, and watch as the universe conspires to bring about the change you desire.

We make each item to order, so you know you're getting the very best quality. Since our candles are handmade, they may take a few days to create. Variations in color and herbage may occur from candle to candle.

Do not leave things burning unsupervised. Make sure to use a heat-resistant container or surface for safety.

***Sold as a curio only. Results are not guaranteed.***



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