Fast Luck Incense is a fantastic blend for fast, lucky outcomes with money, gambling, and love. Its sweet aroma is an unmistakable reminder of good luck coming to you quickly and effectively.

Fast Luck Incense Uses:

  • Fast luck with gambling or lottery
  • Fast luck with love and relationships
  • Fast luck with money and finances

Fast Luck Spell Ideas:

Dress red candles with Fast Luck Oil and roll in Fast Luck Powder.  You can use this powder in several different ways the most common is to dress an item and give to your intended person you want to come and see you.. You can dress a red candle that you carve your potential suitor's name. and burn them in a candle holder placed on top of lottery tickets for good luck with your numbers. Put a bit of Fast Luck Oil on a handkerchief and use this to wipe your hands just before rolling dice or playing cards for good luck at gambling. Put a little of Fast Luck Oil on the hem of your skirt before going on a date for a lucky outcome with love.

This is for one ounce.

***Sold as a curio  Results not guaranteed.***