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3 Crows Conjure

Hekate Feast Day Service

Hekate Feast Day Service

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🕯️ **Introducing the Hekate Feast Day Service by 3 Crows Conjure!**

Join us in a mystical celebration honoring the revered goddess Hekate on December 2nd at 7 pm EST. Embrace the profound energies and ancient wisdom of Hekate, the goddess of magic, crossroads, and the moon, through our exclusive Hekate Feast Day Service.

🌙 **Event Details:**
Date: December 2nd
Time: 7:00 pm EST

At 3 Crows Conjure, we're excited to offer you an immersive and enriching experience that taps into the mystique and power of Hekate. Our service aims to honor this divine figure through a special ritual and candle-lighting ceremony designed to connect you with her spiritual essence.

🕯️ **HekateFeast Day Candle Service:**

For this unique event, we present the opportunity to participate in a sacred candle lighting ritual dedicated to Hekate. Each candle, meticulously crafted and infused with intention, represents a channel to commune with the goddess and seek her blessings.

- **Purposeful Candle Energies:** Each candle carries potent energies aligned with Hekate's attributes, such as wisdom, guidance, protection, and transformative magic.

- **Individualized Experience:** Participants will have the chance to select their personalized candle(s) for the ritual. Whether seeking clarity, empowerment, or spiritual connection, these candles will be consecrated and set ablaze during the event in honor of your specific intentions.

- **Guided Ritual:** Led by Amanda, the service will include a guided ritual to invoke Hekate's presence, amplifying the spiritual resonance and significance of the ceremony.

🌟 **Benefits of Participation:**

- **Deep Connection:** Immerse yourself in the mystical realm of Hekate, forging a powerful bond with her divine energy.

- **Spiritual Alignment:** Align your intentions with the goddess's energy, inviting guidance, protection, and wisdom into your life.

- **Community Engagement:** Connect with like-minded individuals on a spiritual journey, fostering a sense of community and shared reverence for Hekate.

💫 **Investment:** Each candle for the Hekate Feast Day Service is available at an accessible cost of $20. This fee includes your chosen candle(s), participation in the sacred ritual, and access to the transformative energies invoked during the ceremony.

🌌 **Join Us for the Hekate Feast Day Service!**

Experience the magic and ancient wisdom of Hekate in a memorable and enriching ceremony. Reserve your spot now to partake in this profound celebration and claim your personalized candle(s) for the ritual.

*Spaces are limited, so secure your participation today and embark on a spiritual journey guided by the goddess Hekate.*

For bookings and inquiries, please reach out to Amanda or TJ.

Come, kindle the flames of divine connection with Hekate at the Hekate Feast Day Service by 3 Crows Conjure—an evening destined to illuminate your spiritual path and empower your intentions.



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