Hot Foot Oil is used to drive unwanted people away from you. This hot foot blend can be used in candle work, in foot track magic or to lay tricks against the person you want GONE!  Obligatory self-preservation note:  do NOT wear this oil!  Our Hot Foot Oil is hot, spicy and perfect for getting rid of that certain someone.

Hot Foot Oil Uses:

  • Drive unwanted people away
  • Make enemies leave
  • Make others go away

Hot Foot Spell Ideas:

Put a little Hot Foot Oil on an annoying coworker's keyboard or under their chair to make them leave that job. Rub some Hot Foot Oil on a noisy neighbor's doorknob to make them leave that apartment. Put Hot Foot Oil on someone's car tires to make them drive out of town and leave your life for good.

Sold as a curio.  Results not guaranteed.