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3 Crows Conjure

Joan of Arc's Feast Day Service

Joan of Arc's Feast Day Service

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Let's Celebrate St. Joan of Arc! She is a popular saint in Conjure and other traditions. She is honored and petitioned for courage, to have undying faith in yourself, and to connect and believe in your psychic abilities. She is petitioned by practitioners to help against your enemies and protection. St. Joan of Arc is also known to help overcome obstacles and hardships. She also helps with being your authentic self as well as having the courage to live it into action. We have held this service over the years here at 3 Crows Conjure. The Saint Joan of Arc's Feast Day costs $20.00 and will be held online in a private Zoom session.

Service will consist of:

- A small Intro to St. Joan of Arc about her, who she is, and how to work with her.

- A small lighting ritual with a specially prepared candle with each person's petition

- A Guided Meditation to meet and experience with Saint Joan of Arc. 

*** To be a part of the service on Thursday, May 30th, you must purchase and have your petition in no later than Thursday, May 30th by noon EDT.***

*** For any reason you can not make it to the Service your specially prepared candle will be lit and your petition will be burned with the others that night of the Service. All Sales are final when the service is purchased. You will receive a link for the service the night of Service. Please email your petition to us at ahead of the service once you pay through the website and get your order confirmation. 

This is a night of connection and experiencing for the 3 Crows Conjure Community! Please come with an open mind and open heart, and please be respectful of others on their journey! The Service will be held on Thursday, May 30th, 2024 @ 7 pm Eastern Daylight Time.




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