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Job's Tears - Whole

Job's Tears - Whole

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Job's Tears are used for healing illness, wishing, and luck in gambling.

Magical uses:

  • String the seeds on a thread and wear them around the neck to relieve spiritually caused issues of the head, neck, or throat.
  • Carry 3 Job's Tears for good luck.
  • Hold 7 Job's tears in your hand, make a wish and throw into a river to give power to your wish.
  • Carry a red flannel bag with seven Job's Tears, Pyrite, and pinch of Sarsaparilla for bigger gambling winnings or to attract more money luck.
  • Place 7 Job's Tears in a circle around the base of a Luck candle which has been dressed in Lucky Buddha oil for extra power.

You will receive 7 Job's Tears in a clear sealed bag.

    ***Sold as a curio only. Results are not guaranteed.***



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