Job's Tears - Whole

Job's Tears - Whole

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Job's Tears Magical Uses:åÊ Job's TearsåÊare used for healing illness, wishing, and luck in gambling.åÊåÊ

Some ideas for magical uses:

String the seeds on a thread and wear around the neck to relieve spiritually caused issues of the head, neck, or throat.åÊ

Carry three Job's Tears for good luck.åÊ

Hold seven Job's tears in your hand, make a wish and throw into a river to give power to your wish.

Carry a red flannel bag with seven Job's Tears, Pyrite, and pinch of Sarsaparilla for bigger gambling winnings or to attract more money luck.åÊ

Place 7 Job's Tears in a circle around the base of a Luck candle which has been dressed in Lucky Buddha oil for extra power.åÊ

You will receive 7 Job's Tears in a clear sealed bag.

    ***Sold as a curio only.åÊ Results not guaranteed.***

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