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Magnet Oil

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Magnet Oil can bring what you seek in the way of physical goods, money, and love.

What is the difference between Magnet oil and Lodestone oil?

  • Lodestones are naturally magnetic rocks; their pull is gentle, steady, and abidingly strong.
  • Magnets, being made of refined steel, exert a sharper pull, a more defined tug, but also one which may stand out because it is so unsubtle.

Magnet Oil being mineral compounds, convey a simple, pleasing fragrance with no floral notes. They pull and draw things and people to you. This oil is also great to use together in combination with other oils to give that extra punch to your magick!

Magnet Spell Ideas:

Add a few drops to pre-ritual bath to help draw in extra power to your spell; anoint yourself before performing your magick; place a bit on money that you keep in your wallet to draw more money; anoint your charms, amulets, ritual tools, and candles for an extra kick.

This is for one 15 ml (1/2 oz.) bottle

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