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Male Empowerment Powder

Male Empowerment Powder

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Male Empowerment PowderåÊis designed to help men regain their personal power they have lost due to trauma, abuse, relationship issues, work situations, or felt they never had in the first place.åÊ It helps with self-esteem and boosts a healthy ego.

UseåÊMale Empowerment PowderåÊto dress a pink male figure candle while envisioning your personal power increasing.åÊ You may also wearåÊMale Empowerment PowderåÊwhen you need a shot of self confidence.åÊ This powder is made with therapeutic grade essential oils, organic herbs, and quality minerals.åÊ The scent is masculine, with hints of rosemary and juniper berry very similar to a popular men's cologne.

***Sold as a curio only.åÊ Results not guaranteed.***



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