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Oya 7 Day Candle

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Oya 7 Day Candle comes non-dressed so you can load it with your favorite oils, herbs, roots, and curios.  The candle color is rainbow. We made sure to allow room to write on the glass where you can inscribe with a marker (example: Name, Date of Birth, and/or Petition).

Oya is a passionate, fierce warrior and the bringer of change. She is a determined, disciplined and powerful woman. She controls the wind and lightning (like her husband Shango) and she is literally the tornado. Anytime you are experiencing earth shattering change, know that Oya is close by. She is a shrewd business woman and is good with money.

Oya's number is nine and she is often associated with St. Theresa.  As Queen of the cemetery, she maintains the cemetery and keeps it holy. Oya has strong connections with the ancestors. Oya is a strict but compassionate mother; she will guide you but not do the work for you. She will give you a little time to cry and whine about your problems but then she expects you to pull yourself together and get back out there.

You will receive 1 candle.

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