Papa Legba 7 Day Candle
3 Crows Conjure

Papa Legba 7 Day Candle

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Papa Legba 7 Day Candle comes non-dressed so you can load it with your favorite oils, herbs, roots, and curios.  The candle color is red. We made sure to allow room to write on the glass where you can inscribe with a marker (example: Name, Date of Birth, and/or Petition).

Papa Legba is the gatekeeper for communication with any of the spirits. You must ask him to open and to close the gates.

His colors are black and red and his number is 3 or 21. His day of the week is Monday and he is associated with St. Lazarus and St. Peter.

Papa Legba governs over choice and the paths that we all walk. He presents us with opportunities and also tests our progress with challenges as we travel through earth life.

You will receive 1 candle.

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