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Peaceful Home Oil

Peaceful Home Oil

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Peaceful Home Oil is to remove anger and strife in the home and to make it a more loving and caring environment. Whether it is disputes between spouses, a work place feud, or negative energy, the Peaceful Home Oil will help calm troubled waters. Made with therapeutic grade essential oils and organic herbs, this oil has an herbal scent with a hint of lavender.

Peaceful Home Oil Uses:

  • Removes anger and strife
  • Calms the environment
  • Encourages communication

Peaceful Home Spell Ideas:

Dress white candles with Peaceful Home Oil and burn throughout the house. When the candle is done burning, bury the remains and petition at a crossroads. Dress yourself with Peaceful Home Oil on your body to encourage better communication within the home. Rub some Peaceful Home Oil onto your floors, doors, and your furniture to bring peaceful energy into your home. Also, a common way is to fill a bowl with water and add Peaceful Home Oil to it and place it in the center of the home.

***Sold as a curio only. Results not guaranteed.***



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