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3 Crows Conjure

Pentacle Candle

Pentacle Candle

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Pentacle Candles are perfect for your magical workings. These candles are 5 1/2 inches tall and come unfixed so you can charge them however you like with your choice of ingredients. Each candle is handmade by us and is not a factory product so you are getting the best quality. Variations in color may occur from candle to candle. Pick the color of your choice before adding to the cart. The pentagram will be painted black unless you specify a different color.

Following is a short list of suggested uses by color association:

  • Green = Money, Work, Business
  • Blue = Peace, Healing, Harmony
  • White = Purity, Truth, Cleansing, Protection
  • Red = Love, Strength, Leadership
  • Purple = Power, Progress, Justice
  • Yellow = Unity, Success, Inspiration
  • Pink = Affection, Success, Spirituality
  • Black = To Cause Harm, Loss and Adversity

Do not burn candles unsupervised. Make sure to use a heat proof container.

***Sold as a curio only. Results not guaranteed.***



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